26 Mar
Tips For Soil Building

The dirt outside your door is going to be a combination of sand, silt and clay and is not necessarily usable soil.  Soil is dynamic aggregate of materials that fosters living organisms, and  that is what feeds our plants.  We want to be adding organic matter often to enrich and feed those organisms.

What can you do to create good soil? Building soil means adding to the soil.

So, always be on the look out for what you can add to it. Purchase bags of compost and manure, or create a compost bin out of wire mesh and load in layers of brown and green materials.  Add manures, chopped up leaves, grass clippings and food scraps (More on composting later).  Save the straw from decorative "hay bales" in the fall, collect all the leaves you can find, gather sea weed, pile up garden trimmings, ask a local coffee shop if you can pick up their used grinds.  

This gathering and layering is the single most important thing you can do to help your growing things.         - By Jenny Folk 

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