12 Jun

I love gardening and am in my garden every single day, no matter the weather. Many times, I forget the gloves and my hands suffer from cold, wind, dry or coarse soil and, frankly, neglect. But I love to work without gloves because it puts me in contact with the earth and allows me to feel what I working on. 

The best solution for me is to use a product a friend introduced me to years ago. This was used to moisturize cow utters and I found the name a little jarring, but I tried it. This ointment came in a pretty green and red tin and I simply smeared it onto the backs of my hands and worked it into my skin, coating my cuticles and the cracked hard skin of my fingers.  By morning, there was a marked difference in the feel and look of my skin.  I was hooked. 

There are a lot of products on the market that claim the same use and benefits to Bag Balm, and I have tried some of these. None compare.  I most highly recommend this product if you are working outside in any capacity. It works wonders. 

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Hand & Body Moisturizer
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