Fresh Tomato Basil Pasta

When all the tomatoes seem to be ripening at one time, I get busy making sauce.  I use plum, saladette or beefsteak.  This requires a pot of boiling water, washed tomatoes scored on the bottom, and ice water.  More below.

However, I like to take some out the next morning to use for this pasta dish. I choose a hefty pasta with lots of grooves and put the water on to boil, Salt it well, it should taste like the sea. While I am waiting, I add extra virgin olive oil to a sauce pan,  lightly sauté minced garlic, and then add the tomato sauce.  After this has married, 20-30 minutes. Remove from heat, slice basil leaves thinly and add to the sauce.  Once the pasta is done, drain and add to the sauce.  Toss well and add plenty of parmesan or Italian blend cheese. This freezes beautifully by the way.

Dip the tomatoes into the water and wait a moment or two until you see the skin wrinkling.  Lift it out of the pot and place into a bowl of ice water. When all are done, You can drain the water and begin to peel the skins off easily. 

Next, quarter the tomatoes and push out the seed with your thumb. Chop smaller and add to a crock pot or roasting dish.  When all are in, add sea salt generously.

I keep this simple so I have a versatile sauce that can become spaghetti or pizza sauce,  chili  or soup later on.   I leave it on high until bedtime, and then low over night.  Later I use a stick blender to puree it.  Then it gets water bathed can for 35 minutes, with a tablespoon of bottled lemon juice.