25 Apr
My Brother's Garden

Gardens, gardens, everywhere!

Yesterday my brother and I went out into a sunny, grass covered section of his yard and installed a new organic garden in a day. It took 5 easy steps.

 1. Metal T posts and mesh fencing went in first so we could define our space and protect it from his beautiful dogs. This may not be necessary for you. 

2. A layer of corrugated cardboard saved from deliveries, etc. was placed down directly on the grass, and overlapped at the edges. This was then soaked with the hose in the areas we were working next. 

3. We mixed bags of top soil and composted manure in a wheel barrow and dumped it in the areas designated for garden beds to a depth of 5-6 inches. We wet this thoroughly as well. 

4. We laid down a thick carpet of free pine mulch (an arborist dropped it for us free of charge) in the areas meant for paths and soaked that too.

5. I gave him a bag of organic plant food to rake into the top of the garden beds.

The cardboard is now blocking the grass and weeds from light and so it will die  back and feed the soil. The cardboard too will breakdown over the season and be consumed by worms and other garden helpers.

We enjoyed our time in the sunshine, got exercise and and created something healthy for the soil and their bodies.  Now he and his wife can choose whether they want to try growing beets or peas, broccoli or lettuce, along with their favorite tomatoes and peppers.  Their garden looks pretty and will be manageable in their busy lives. I am so happy for them!

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