28 Aug
The End of Summer

I know a number of people who really get sad when the summer is beginning to wain.  They become aware that the light is fading earlier and earlier, and the mornings remain darker longer.  I get that.

But, being a gardener, I find the changing conditions exciting because there is so much I can do to extend the harvest, preserve the bounty and rejuvenate the soil. 

My time outdoors increases as I can plant out cool weather crops and cold hardy annuals.  I'm taking stock, setting new crops and doing a refreshing tidy of the beds.

I am also enjoying the cooler evenings, and I can pull a few weeds, harvest the peppers or mow in more comfort.

Soon there will be leaves to chop for mulch, and lettuce and cauliflower to harvest.  The carrots I plant today become the sweetest all year as the frosts begin to set in. The garlic will go in then too.  There is a great deal to look forward to!

When it is truly over, and the beds are put to rest, I will still be out there, by the chimenea, wine glass in hand.  I can read through catalogs, lay out garden plans on paper and dream for a little while.  Seeds will be ordered in January, started in February and March, and on we go through the seasons, this wonderful blue marble spinning  it's delightful changes.   Think "refresh", think "relax" think "opportunities..." 

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