When things get hot, dray and hard in the garden, it's hard to make ourselves do the tasks required.  But, the good news is, we are rounding the corner to cooler temps.  We must get ready.

  1. Water deeply at least every three days. Thicken up the mulch to hold it longer.
  2. Weeds can get aggressive this month. Try to do a little each day.
  3. Clean out any blighty or sick plants, but throw it in the trash; Not the compost.
  4. Start fall flowers and fall crops early, inside, so they can be hardened off and planted out by early September.
  5. Preserve, preserve, preserve.  See recipe section for some ideas. 
  6. Try to add one more perennial fruit tree or bush for next year.  Plant out when weather is expected to be overcast and/or wet for several days.
  7. Flash freeze and bag up the raspberry harvest.