A perfect mosquitos yet, lots of moisture, cool sleeping temps.....and lots that can be done in the garden; finally!  See below for monthly tips and ideas.

The conditions are moving in the right direction.  So,  what might be done?

  1. I have just transplanted my peppers, tomatoes and eggplant because there is no chance of freezing temps. Double check your last frost date for your region and then wait two more weeks for added security. 
  2. Pull a few weeds and mulch, mulch, mulch. I use leaf mold I chopped and stored from last fall.  
  3. Add flowers and herbs and try fill in every spot to block any new weeds from getting a toe hold. 
  4. Figure out if there is a way to save rain water such as in a plastic trash can or tote (with a lid).
  5. create a pleasant spot for you to drink your iced tea and plan and dream.
  6. consider adding perennial fruits and vegetables, so you have things returning next spring. 
  7. consider "soft" screening with plants so you feel a sense of peace and privacy in your yard. 
  8. consider vertical growing such as along a fence line or up a trellis to make the most of the square footage you have. 
  9. set up a plan so, when the peas are exhausted or the potatoes can be pulled, you have the next plants to go in. 
  10. add even more flowers for the pollinators and so the gardener can enjoy the beauty.