Things are heating up now and it's harder to get out there and handle things. Here some ideas to make it a little easier

  1. Temperatures are far cooler early and late in the day so it's a good idea to make these the times to be active in the garden. 
  2. Reuse liter bottles as spot waterers. They are rinsed and then three small holes are drilled into the lid. The bottle is filled with water and then tucked in at the base of a plant at an angle. Tomatoes and other thirty crops get water delivered to their root zone and the moisture is directed where it is needed; not on the foliage, which is susceptible to disease.
  3. Organic feed should be added to the top inch or so of soil about once a month.   Water in well.
  4. Sow, sow, sow! As things finish up, tuck more in.
  5. Pick, pick pick! If you are sick of eating green beans, blanch and freeze for later.
  6. Buy jars for jams and preserving vegetables. By late summer, they may be sold out. 
  7. water the compost and leaf mold so it's continuing to break down. 
  8. Continue to add to the compost bin or start a new one.